Built from the ground-up for perishables operations.

Run your business with powerful tools and integrations that map directly to the way you run your operations. Freshline is built to address specific needs across meat, seafood, and produce.

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Increase sales with a beautiful,
branded online store

Your logo. Your web domain. Your customers. Your data. We're just here to help you make it happen.

Sell directly to consumers or businesses, with seafood, meat, and perishables-specific features that work seamlessly with your operations.

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Easily sell and adjust variable
weight orders

Add a custom weight deposit to orders, allowing for quick and efficient adjustment of product weights until the delivery is completed.

Offer customers the same experience they would have at a physical butcher shop or fish market instead of overcharging or undercharging with standard quantities.

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Save hours each day with advanced
order fulfillment

Auto-generate a daily summary of all orders and products that need to be cut, packed, or shipped that day. Easily save time by organizing orders by delivery area or order type.

Need a more powerful picklist? Build and customize your own layout, with an ability to customize fields, column order, sorting, or grouping to save even more time.

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Handle multiple delivery, pickup, or
shipping locations

Draw over the area of any city or region and set it as a pickup, delivery, or carrier shipping zone.

Easily set custom cutoffs, delivery dates, or product availability exemptions specific to each area - helping you save time and operate more efficiently.

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