Store Management

Control everything seamlessly from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Centralize your product management, inventory, pricing, orders, and much more.

Product Management

Create delivery rules based on products or categories

Change delivery dates for multiple products, bulk hide/unhide products. Rely on an inventory system that seamlessly deducts as orders come in, and tells you when you’re low.

Order Management

Modify orders, auto-notify customers, and process refunds with one click

All updates are automatically communicated to customers to save you time. Easily export your orders to CSV for uploads into external systems.

Manual Orders

Easily create manual orders to accompany your in-person, phone, or email orders.

Seamlessly modify quantity or pricing, or waive delivery fees with ease.


Boost retention and sales with highly targeted product discount codes.

Easily discount products by percentage, amount, or buy-one-get-one.

Set expiry dates, redemption requirements, and max usage across individuals or for the entire shop.

See why suppliers choose Freshline to increase sales and save time.

Connect one-on-one for a live demo to see how Freshline can fit your needs.